Furious Gamer Radio iPhone App


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Apr 2, 2009
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Hi guys -

Just wanted to let you know about our new iPhone app.

The application is called Furious Gamer Radio and has been developed as a first step in the creation of a true 24 hour-a-day talk radio network dedicated entirely to video games and the video game industry.

Not only are we the only application dedicated to gaming radio on the iPhone, but we have some features in our iPhone application that we have never seen in any other application on the phone. Using our FuriouSync? technology developed specifically for this application we are able to provide the users two very unique features:

1) Audio Content Tagging: This allows the user to choose a specific game they would like to hear about. Select the game from a list and drill down to find out all of the shows that are talking about that specific game on the network this week. When you choose to hear what a specific show is saying about that game, the app will jump directly to the point in the show where that game is being discussed.


2) Cross Platform Bookmarking: This allows the user to stop listening to the network on the iPhone and then simply go to our website on any computer and the web player will resume exactly where they left off on the phone! This also works if you are listening through the website and then decide to go mobile, the iPhone will resume from exactly where you left off on the computer!

Check it out and please....let us know what you think. We are building this for all of us and would love feedback.