Fuel Me Up - JUST WHAT YOU NEEDED! (read description)

James Zlatkin

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Feb 4, 2013
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Fuel Me Up - Available on the App Store

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Fuel Me Up is designed to maximise your dollar at the bowser when using your Fuel Discount Dockets.

It will calculate the exact amount to fill up for at the bowser, so when you pay using your discount docket, you will only pay the amount you wish to spend without over spending.


The current price of Fuel is: $ 1.54/Litre
You have a discount docket of: $ 0.08/Litre
and you wish to spend $20.00 at the cashier.

After pressing 'Fuel Me Up', it will calculate the EXACT amount to fill up for on the bowser, which in this case would be $21.09 .

So when it comes to paying, because of your discount docket, you will only pay the desired $20.00 .

- Simple to use
- Extremely Handy
- Easy Help Guide
- Great for people on a budget
- Can be used WORLDWIDE!
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