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Dec 15, 2002
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Hi all. I am a long time Treo / Centro user (and long time TreoCentral member) and recent Blackberry convert. I left the Treo / Centro world because I got bored with the current, stuck in the mud and not going anywhere Palm OS. Tried Windows Mobile and found it was not what I wanted either. Made the jump to an iPhone, which I loved, but could no longer deal with the touch screen keyboard. Here am I now with a pre-owned BB Curve 8310 and wondering what took me so long to get here.
With the ATT Bold soon to be released, I thought it time I thinned out my gadget collection and made some side money to contribute to my "buy a Bold" fund. Noted below are the items I am putting up for sale. You should know I am reputable, a long time TreoCentral member as well as eBay seller under this very same user ID. Prices are firm and if you have any questions you're welcome to email me at cgordonn@att.blackberry.net

iPhone 3G, 16GB, with 2.1OS
Purchased brand new 3 months ago and I have been the only owner/user. It is in near perfect condition, never dropped and always used with a screen protector and case. The only issue, which I think is an issue in general with all 3G models, is the glossy black plastic back. It is prone to fine line ...very fine line...scratches, like from my wedding ring. All original items that came with the iPhone are of course included, as well as all the accessories I have purchased for it, such as several cases and an additional wall charger.

Firm price: $260, shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours of payment.

HTC Touch for Sprint
It is in like new condition just like the iPhone noted above. Comes with all original boxed items as wellk as a 256MB micro SD card.

Firm price: $160, shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours of payment.

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet
Near new condition. Purchased as a closeout item when CompUSA went belly up. Its a great little device and quite fun to use.

Firm price: $160, shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours of payment.

Payment via PayPal only. I'll give the posting here a week then will post the items on eBay.

Thanks for looking!
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