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Please suggest me the best phone by looking at my preferences below.

I used to have an iphone 6 plus 64 GB
my primary preference is "front facing camera" - i just loved how my iphone 6 plus front camera. The pictures are perfect even though it is 1.2 Mega pixels.
I just take random selfies and send across to friends and family or upload in social networks.

i skipped the iphone 6s plus upgrade as my phone was just an year old by then. Now that iphone 7 plus are in market i wanted to get an upgrade and got iphone 7 plus.
( i was able to sell my iphone 6 plus for 400$ on Craiglist )
Its been 3 days now on iphone 7 plus.The picture quality was good but i feel my selfies are so detail and i could even see minute details such as small marks on skin and they details looked exaggerated and i could see more of an yellowish tone on the skin.
i didnt like so detail on my front camera.

Now that i sold my iphone 6 plus, i will need to think about keeping 7 plus or should i get 6s plus? ( as i said above my primary preferance is front facing selfie pictures)
I could even get 6s plus with 32 GB and save 100$ more( as apple is now selling 32 GB and 128 GB for 6s version phones)

Also question to folks who own a 32 GB version phones. is 32GB worth or should i get 128 GB by paying 100$ extra? (note: i take pictures but wont take many videos)

Thank You.


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Aug 14, 2015
I suggest keeping the 7 Plus and get a decent editing app for your images. A couple of simple edits and you can easily fix your images. Plus the 6s will not be far off in image quality compared to the 7. Especially the front facing camera. The biggest difference is in the rear facing camera.

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