From Good to Greed, or why I left Evernote behind


Dec 25, 2011
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Back when I first got a smartphone and I was still learning about them, I decided since I was on a Blackberry, it would be nice to write my lyrics on my phone. For a while I used the standard note apps on my phones, however I kept seeing about an app called Evernote that store your notes in the cloud. Since it was free I eventually caved and tried it. It changed my life as they say. It became the only note taking app I would use when it came to writing down my lyrics and occasional poetry. Better yet was that it synced across my devices and I could write on my phone or my laptop, which later became multiple phones, a laptop, and a tablet.

However Evernote decided it was time for a change and added a premium user option. I was okay with that though because they still offered a free account that still offered me everything I needed in the app. As time went on, Evernote decided they should offer multiple levels of premium accounts. I was fine with that too because they still offered a free level that still offered everything I needed in the app. I don't remember exactly when I first downloaded Evernote, it was somewhere around six to seven years ago though. In that time, everything was always ok with Evernote. Until recently, Evernote decided they needed to reevaluate their tiers, and the free tier got the shaft. It was decided that the free tier should only be allowed on two devices at a time.

It was at this point that Evernote was no longer an option for me. As much as I like to play around with other devices and use three with regularity that a two device cap became unusable. It also a blatant tactic to get people to pay for a premium account. This kind of tactic bothers me greatly. I can understand why a company like Evernote would want people to pay a subscription, however I don't care for pushing and nearly forcing free users to switch to a premium tier to keep their current level of usability. As a result, I ditched Evernote today. I switched to another note app that is highly rated on the App Store that offers everything I need and even a couple of extra features that are nice to have; it even has a better user interface to boot.

Bottom line is it's not okay to start forcing people who have been using your product for years to switch to a paid subscription. While I'm sure there will be plenty of people who do switch, I will not be one of them. It's not worth paying a subscription to write some lyrics and poetry, especially not when the service rendered comes as a free service with any mobile device, albeit without some of the features. This situation really is a user by user situation, it's just at the point that it doesn't work for me.

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