Freemium Rising: Mobile game developers on the 'freemium' trend

Nov 15, 2013
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?I think everybody?s happy with free-to-play for now.? That's Kyu Lee, founder of Gamevil, a veteran mobile game developer with more than a decade of experience. They?ve been churning out freemium games ? free to download and play, but full of in-app purchases ? at a solid clip for years now, resulting in plenty of players and a well-known RPG series.
Will Stallwood, founder of Cipher Prime, is on the other side of the fence, saying, ?Having a paywall is almost disgraceful.? Cipher Prime has been carefully crafting paid games since 2008. The music is amazing. The gameplay is varied and polished. The graphics are beautiful. You won?t find ads or purchase prompts anywhere. Playing any of their titles is a pure experience.
On the one side are established developers that are casting a wide net and trying to maintain user loyalty. On the other you find a group of independents trying to maintain the experiential integrity of a game, and leaving players alone once they?ve paid up. Which one is doing it right?

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