[FREE Game] Melon Truck LITE v1.0 for iPhone/iPad


Apr 23, 2011
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Hi Guys,

I am the indie developer who created Melon Truck for iPhone/iPad. I did everything (coding, graphics, sound) myself. Currently Melon Truck is getting great reviews from both iTunes gamers and reviewers.

Melon Truck LITE is now available in iTunes.

Melon Truck Lite features: [youTube Link]

Melon Truck Game Play consists of launching melons from a melon truck to baskets that vary in points. Each level must be completed with a minimum score of 1600 in order to proceed to the next locked level. While game play is designed to challenge the users, Melon Truck provides a fun, soothing game tone to entertain everyone.

Here are some of the reviews (all links are provided at my homepage)

Reviews for Melon Truck:

AppBuddy - "Melon Truck by Batuhan Akalin is the best iPhone puzzle-based game that involves angles and speed."

iPhoneGamerUK:) - "A fun,addictive and entertaining physics game which will chill you out as you play with the zen-like soundtrack."

Applicable2u (5th Grade Teacher) - "Exploring math this way is so much more interesting than the book."

Simple-Reviews - "Awesome brand new puzzle game"

DailyAppShow - "Great Game"

AppleMania (Polish) - "Must Buy"

iFanZine -"Melon Truck distinguishes itself in the crowded physics puzzler genre"

iPhone-Experience - "great game"

TheGamerWithKids - "fun game for players of all ages"

iPhoneClub (Hungary) - "Ha letoltod, rengeteg moka var rad." (a lot of fun waiting for you)

AppAdvice - "must-have in your game collection"

TheiReviews.Blogspot - "it will keep you busy for hours"

CoreyPunches - "fun IOS game: Melon Truck"

Funtouch (French) - "Must buy Game"

CrazyMikesApps - "Great Game"

Toffiappl - "Must-Buy"

Product-Reviews - "entertaining fun app that will have you captivated for hours."

iTunes Gamer Comments:
"Must-Have item in your app collection"
"challenging and addicting"
"Fun and Creative Physics Puzzle Game"
"this game is a must"
"very fun to play"

Batuhan Akalin