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Feb 15, 2013
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We all love the convenience of texting. It?s fast. Except when you have more than five words to say. Or you?re in the dark or don?t have your glasses. Or when your friend misses your meaning and takes offense. We've all had those moments.

That?s why we created Rapntok. It is fast, easy, and fun - all the time.
FAST. It is fast because you simply press and talk. And really, isn?t talking so much quicker than texting? You can speak for a full minute per message (or 5 minutes with our Pro version). Create a Dashboard full of your favorite people?your best friends, your mom, your boss and keep the conversations going all day.

EASY. Talk to your friends on the West Coast, Asia, Europe?anywhere in the world. Now you can let them know how much you care without worrying about if they are sleeping, on a flight or in a meeting.

FUN. Rapntok is fun to use! You can post voice messages to Facebook and attach personal Emotones (created by you or selected from our library) to your voice texts. Rapntok alerts you to Facebook friends? birthdays and lets you send birthday greetings with music and personal voice messages.
FREE. Rapntok is free to install. All voice texts sent over WiFi are completely free. For the occasional voice text that you send from outside a WiFi area, there are no additional charges if you stay within your plan?s data limits.

PRIVATE. No one offers a more secure mobile messaging app. Rapntok is a server based app that stores your messages on its own servers. This means 1) your messages can?t be hacked from your smartphone 2) your Rapntok mailbox will never be full. In addition, all your contacts reside on your smartphone at all times, so no one at Rapntok ever has access to your contact information. We designed it that way to ensure that no one could strip your contact list and spam your friends. Wish we could say the same for all apps.

Download Rapntok now and start having fun with your friends today.
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FREE Rapntok Features:

Send unlimited voice messages (up to 1 minute in length).
Build your Dashboard with everyone you communicate with regularly and change anytime.
Multi-task with multiple text threads visible on your Dashboard simultaneously.
Messages saved for 3 days on the server, not on your phone, so you can?t get hacked.
Add Emotones (6 second fun sounds to attach to your voice message to express how you?re feeling).
Send Greeting Cards with personal voice messages to your Facebook friends.
Create a Favorites page of your top contacts.
Try forming a Group so you can experience the ease of group communication with Rapntok.