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Nov 1, 2012
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Peng?sQigong?s Major Breathing Adjustment app
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Hi, I?m the developer of the new Peng?sQigong?s Major Breathing Adjustment app for iPhone or iPad. I?m excited about this new app that leads you through a set of simple, effective exercises that can help you improve your balance and strength -- in only 3 minutes a day -- and at the same time help recharge your body with fresh energy and dispel bad Qi and poisonous substances.The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It really works!

Peng?s Qigong was founded in 2010 by James Peng, who co-founded the Ting Zang Kung Fu Studio in March 1976 with his older brother. Ting Zing became one of the most famous Kung Fu studios in Taiwan, and by 1981 the studio had attracted more than 3,000 students. James went on to become a journalist, serving as a correspondent for the world?s three top news agencies ? AP-Dow Jones, Reuters and Bloomberg. James was the Taiwan Bureau Chief for Bloomberg News from 2004-2008.

This app, normally costs NT$90 ($2.99) per download, but will be free from Nov. 1 ? 15 as an introductory promotion. Please take advantage of this opportunity to improve your health and download it for free ? also tell your friends. Just go to app Store and search for ``peng qigong?. Works only with iPhone and iPad.

Thank you and enjoy the app!

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