Four iOS devices filling up with Other, what is it?


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Four iOS devices filling up with "Other"

I hope I can get some help with this problem.

Applecare has been no help whatsoever after hours of conversation..

I have (2) iPad Airs and (2) iPhones 6. All running iOS 9.0.2. All connected to iCloud with the same account.

The same problem with all devices since I upgraded to iOS 9.

They are all 16 GB devices, iPads worked fine for almost 2 years, iPhones for 1 year.

Apps and supporting data have been managed so that there is usually 4-5 GB available free storage.

Every day or two (randomly on each device) I get a warning of no available storage. I go into Settings/General/About and the available storage is shown to be 0 bytes.

I connect the device to iTunes, and see that all the free space, more than 5 GB, has been taken up by ?other?. It wasn't there yesterday.

Again, this isn?t a gradual thing. It happens within a day, sometimes even after the device has been unused for just a few hours.

Sometime a re-boot will clear some space, other times I have to do a backup and restore.

Then in a day or two ?other? fills up again.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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