found iphone 4s... and?

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Nov 26, 2011
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If you take it to the local police, they will provide you with a receipt stating that if the item goes unclaimed you can get it in 30 days. During that time, the police post notices of found property on display in their offices and run the serial number in the National Crime Info database. If it doesn't come back stolen and 30 days elapses, you go back and claim it. Very simple. That way, you can rest assured you did everything the legal and proper way and avoid any hassles from the cops later.
If you kept it and did nothing other than put it on Craigslist, with your luck someone might end up tracking it (or when you went to activate it) and find you in possession of stolen property. If you don't have a good excuse, they can even potentially charge you with the theft of it even though you had nothing to do with the theft of it. I mean, most likely it would get thrown out of court, but jeez, going to the police and turning it in sure seems like the easier way to go on this one...
I found a pair of electric guitars and amps in the woods by my house when I was a kid. Nice stuff too-Gibsons and Peaveys...turned it in to the Sheriff, and 30 days later the stuff was mine.:D

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May 23, 2012
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[WARN]Illegal Activities - Do not post, sell, link, discuss, or request warez, serials, ROMs, UDID's or illegal copies of intellectual property of others. Discussions regarding hardware or software modifications designed to steal service, such as ESN cloning & phone programming modifications are also forbidden in the forums. Discussion regarding stolen devices is not permitted.*

* Stolen devices should be reported to your local police and mobile service provider.
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