Found an iPhone 5 at Radio Shack


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Dec 24, 2011
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So here is a potentially boring story- I was at the mall and I stopped by the Radio Shack just to see of they had an iPhone 5. They did! It turns out it was a preorder that someone decided to cancel. However when the friendly salesperson tried to activate it, it couldn't be done since the SIM card was Pre programmed with another number? She called Verizon and came up with no real solution. I left the store, called Verizon myself and the person on the phone said all I needed was a new SIM card and he would send it to me. He needed some number on the phone first though, so he put me on hold, called the Radio Shack, got the number, and got a new SIM card in the mail to me. I called radio shack and tried to buy the phone so no one else would get it and they couldn't sell it to me until I get the SIM card (unless I want to pay full retail), but she said she would hold it for me until later in the week when I come in with a new SIM card. At this point I think there is a 75% chance I will have an iPhone 5 by Wednesday. The people at radio shack must think I am crazy. I called them 3 times for various reasons after leaving the store, and the nice Verizon person called them as we'll. anyway, kind if funny story about the lengths some of us will go through to get a new phone rather than just waiting for a couple weeks, especially since I had one on Pre-order due by October 5.


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Jan 8, 2012
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It simply shows that you have perseverance and is dedicated to getting what you want. ;)