Forum Reader - Read forums YOU want to read on the iPhone in an easy way!

Nov 22, 2011
Forum Reader converts your favorite web forums into an iOS native table format for your easy navigation. You will never have to zoom in to see tiny fonts or hunt for those elusive page links again!

There are a couple of multi-forum reader apps out there, but most of them requires installation of a script on the forum site. If the site admin is unwilling to install the script out of performance or security concerns, you're out of luck... but we are here for you!!

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction - if any of your favorite forums is not yet supported:
★ Simply send us an in-app request and we promise to add it in the next update!
★ No forum software restriction - be it vBulletin, phpBB, or any other platform, any web-based forum can be added!
★ No plugin installation required on the forum site - that means you can get the forum support YOU need without having to lobby the site admins!

Check out the complete list of supported forums here.

Watch the demo video here.

* Currently supports 400+ most popular forums. Support for extra forums are being added actively and on customer demand!
* Greatly speeds up most forums by stripping unnecessary images, ads and scripts.
* Organize your forums, boards, and topics using favorites and bookmarks to keep them at your fingertips.
* Set up automatic forum user logins, or browse as a guest.
* Compose and reply right from the app.

We offer both a [URL="]Full version[/URL] and a [URL="]Free version[/URL]. The free version is ad-supported and also doesn't get the latest forum updates.
Nov 22, 2011
- Starting from Forum Reader V1.1, forum updates can now be pushed directly to the app from our server. This will greatly reduce the wait time for customers to receive the new forums they request.
- Simply go to the Settings tab to check and download forum updates.

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