Forgotten iCloud password. How can i remove my iCloud from my iPhone 6s Plus?


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How can i remove my iCloud from my phone, this phone is from US sent by my cousin from US. He told me that he already forgotten the password from his iCloud. last time i was able to use this phone, because together with the phone he sent me the passcode. but i have a wrong move, i tried to remove the iCloud using HARD RESET, then when it is already updated.. it needs iCloud account and password to activate the phone.. then im doom! T_T Does anyone here have the same problem?. Please give/suggets me a LEGIT WEBSITE we're i can process my iCloud REMOVAL?. thank you so much.


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Nov 2, 2009
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pkaable is correct. You can contact Apple and provide a proof of purchase and they can remove the activation lock from the device.


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Jan 9, 2016
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ask your cousin to go to with his apple ID and then provide the answers for the security questions he set up (when he first created the apple id) and then he can reset the password.....easy peasy