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Forget Apple fanboys, Apple doomsayers are the true cult


Nov 15, 2013

Stop me if you've heard this one: Apple is just like a relig?
Yeah, you've heard it. Apple is just like a religion. And its customers are acolytes, steeped in the heady lore of the Church of Jobs blah blah blah. For certain pundits and commentators, this explains away everything they don't understand about Apple. Why it does so fabulously well, why its customers are so loyal, why the company is able to charge more for its devices... it explains everything!
A little too neatly.
See, if I could add an addendum to Occam's Razor it would go like this: The simplest explanation is usually the right one... unless it involves magic. Frankly, I think that it's much more valid to apply this argument to Apple's critics than its supporters.

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Oct 2, 2013
I guess it's my tired old eyes, but the low contrast text on the blogs has gotten too difficult for me to read. I see this fad of low contrast everywhere and hate it. Is there a problem using dark ink? @rene, not everyone has 20/20 vision. I'll be glad when the "in" thing changes back to a higher contrast. Dark themes are wonderful.

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