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For former Black Berry Users - Multiple Email deletion

Traveling Guy

New member
Jan 31, 2011
Coming from three different BB's and a Storm 2, I was use to selecting and deleting multiple emails that I have already read on my office PC. Others have commented that this maybe coming in future OS updates.:eek:

I have been going through each mail to mark it as read, then deleting each one, not good......too time consuming.:mad:

I did find out by accident today that if you click on the EDIT button in the upper right hand corner all emails move over to the right side of the screen. Then if you click on one email (or as many as you want) to delete, a red check mark appears. You can then click on the Delete button in the lower left hand corner or Move the email to a new folder. Poof, they're gone!:D

Being that this is my first Apple product, I am on a learning curve like a lot of others coming from Black Berries so if I'm missing something else here please comment.:)


New member
Feb 7, 2011
As I've stated in another post, I too came from a BB curve 8330, which btw was the best phone in terms of battery life, communication, reception, messaging and ease of use. Plus is was built like a rock and I could toss it around and it would take a beating and still keep on trucking.

The iP4 email system isn't robust at all and doesn't offer features like "Mark all as read" and alerts for different email inboxes. Push email for yahoo and facebook notifications are a hit or miss. I knew this before I bought the iP4 so I shouldn't be complaining. Hopefully the IP4 will support iOs 5 and hopefully apple improves the email and notification system.