For anyone wanting a early upgrade to a iPhone on VZ....


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Jun 21, 2011
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Your not going to get it right now or at least if your upgrade isn't very soon. The reason is that the iPhone 5 is currently iconic(you order through the weird portal). You can get the 4S and 4(may not get one on first try). You will have to wait until the device is off the iconic portal before you can get your upgrade moved up for the 5. I managed to get a 4S early on Verizon(3 months) when it was removed from the portal saying the things below. I had trouble with the 4S because the device was iconic at first and therefore was not a early upgrade choice and was turned down once.
****How I got the 4S early****
I called in again on 1/29/2012(if they say no try again later) to ask if the device was still iconic(for the 4S/4). I said something along the lines of "I was allowed an early upgrade to a new phone because my old phone(env3) is flickering. I was told I could not get the iPhone however, I know several people on Verizon who were allowed to and ATT gives early upgrades after one year for a price of $250 extra. If the iPhone 4 8gb white or iPhone 4S 16gb white are no longer iconic, can I now get one of those?". The rep said "things have definitely been changing around here". The rep asked which phone I would rather have the 4S or 4 and I told him 4s. He said "let me see...ok, the phone is no longer iconic let me request my manager to approve the upgrade" he put me on hold and said, "the request was approved and we were just recently allowed to do the iPhone(it was even his first early upgrade)". The rep ordered the phone for me and told me about AppleCare +, insurance, and stressed to get a case. I got the phone a few days later(too bad it wasn't for me).


If anyone anyone wants proof for a rep, ask me for the case number over PM.

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