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Dec 23, 2014
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Are you ready to be a football club manager? The most outstanding footballers on the planet are waiting for you! Recruit them for FREE and sweep the world ? challenge fantasy legendary football clubs, win classic titles and match against players from EVERY corner of the world! Create your own amazing history and become champion in our FOOTBALL PLANET!

1. Easy to learn, easy to play.
FOOTBALL PLANET is easy to operate, you can challenge any top team everywhere and as the level increased, you can also participate in various leagues. Immerse yourself and enjoy the cheering, yelling and applause by the stadium crowd!
2. Thousands of player cards, lots of fun!
Do you want to build your own dream team? No problem, more than thousands of players for you to choose. All the football stars all under your control!
3. Unique AI-simulated player performance
Football Planet is the first mobile game using Physical collision engine and Artificial Intelligence system. The system provides flexibility in gameplay, which tests your adaptability and skills.
4. Live and realistic gameplay on the football field
The sea of crowd, flashing lights, running on field, ball passing, shootout and goals scramble, all authentic reproduced within the game. With the cheering of spectators, it will definitely give you immersive feeling.
This is a premier legendary football world. You can plot your soccer world to your heart?s content here. It?s all up to you! There are more PVP, PVE classic exciting game to be discovered. This time once again, to be made happen by you.

How to play
1. How to recruit Footballer?
There are hundreds of famous footballers in the game, players can recruit in Star Factory, Green Journey, Legend of Glory and events.
Players can find and train recruited footballer(s) in ?My Player?.
2. Guide for footballer?s quality and attributes.
There are 6 types of quality, from low to high they are: D, C, B, A, S, SS.
There are 4 types of reputation, from low to high they are: Star, Superstar, Master, Legend.
Higher quality means higher attributes.
3. Equipment that add extra attributes to footballers.
There are 4 types of equipment: Glove, Jersey, Sneaker and Leg Shield
Players can get equipment by challenging national teams in Green Journey, the chance of getting better equipment is affected by the evaluation after the player won the match and the power of the national team s/he challenged.
4. Player Upgrade
Players can upgrade the footballers by swallowing player cards, the experience that a card offers is affected by its quality.
5. Player ultimate breakthrough
For those rank B, A, S, SS footballers, when they have reached a certain level, a breakthrough is needed for their further development. Swallow a same card for the breakthrough.
6. Player Strengthening
Only rank B, A, S, SS footballers can be strengthened and this will add extra attributes to them.
Only cards with same quality can be used for strengthening.
There is a success rate for strengthening, players can higher the rate by using multiple cards.
7. Player Ressurection
Only rank S cards can be resurrected, after the resurrection its quality will be raised to rank SS and massive amount of attributes will be added.
Players can only resurrect rank S card with 3 same cards when it reached its level limit.

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