Foldable iPhone


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Aug 27, 2021
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I disagree with your assertion, that if apple released a foldable with the same drawbacks as Samsung that they would automatically succeed due to apples brand power and loyal fan base.

Unfortunately the tech is still too premature to be anything but a novelty within an extremely tiny niche due to marketshare/ consumer demand. The plastic display and hinge are extremely fragile and that does not seem to last more than 8 months to a year. Judging rom all the reports reports of broken screens or problematic hinges due to debris from Samsung users and the long wait to have the issue serviced. This has an inverse effect because it would drive early adopters and mainstream consumers away from foldables, at-least in Samsungs case effectively eliminating any first mover advantage.

The comparison between the Porsche and the bmw makes little logical sense since they are both traditional sports cars that do not fold when you are not using the vehicles.

Nobody calls the 911 turbo (just like a traditional smartphone) stale just because it has the same form since it’s inception. Just for reference, the older 911 are referred to as classics and not stale either.

That’s a fair point. Too many tradeoffs just to have a bigger screen. But Apple has earned its reputation among its users that if they do release a Fold, they’ll likely outsell Samsung by many number of times over.
And tradeoffs I’ve mentioned in past posts hasn’t even listed durability. Any time you have a big moving part on a device constantly being moved around by a user (the display screen is being folded!), odds of having an issue goes up substantially. I’d like to think Apple will have a better design to minimize this IF they release a Fold.