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Floating Memory HD for iPad


New member
Apr 20, 2010
Dear TiPb

We feel proud to start the first thread in this category!

Just released, specially for the iPad "Floating Memory" in high resolution.

A revolution in memory games.
Beautiful, hypnotizing and addictive.

It simply looks and plays awesome on the iPad:)

The Netherlands

App name
Floating MemoryHD

App store Link
Floating MemoryHD voor iPhone, iPod touch en iPad in de iTunes App Store

Link to the app youtube video demo
YouTube - Floating Memory for iPhone, iPod touch & IPad

Customer say:

"Wonderful idea"
by MirjamV
Wonderful idea, to take the classic game and turn it into something completely new with just one little adaptation: to make the tiles move around softly. Very addictive, and beautifully done. Love the marine theme.

by Marcel Bee
Floating Memory is a wonderful game that forces you to maximize your concentration. I love the way the pebbles float, I often find myself hypnotized by them, in particular at the lower levels. A typical game takes about ten minutes, which is optimal to spend those little gaps in a useful way. My only wish (please??) is that the game would show me the pebbles I collected since they are so pretty.

by Wilfire
Seems like an easy 2 play memory game with the underwaterworld as the playground. But it is challenging and really triggering your mind! Have fun with the bubbles!

Screenshots iPad