FlickType's lawsuit against Apple and its App Store is moving forward


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Apr 6, 2016
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Aug 27, 2021
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“the keyboard app reached the App Store's top 10 paid app list and generated $130,000 in revenue during its first month, Eleftheriou said. But this soon made it a target for scammers who launched barely usable competitors boosted by fake ratings and reviews, he claims.”

“Apple has been massively profiting from their App Store monopoly, by restricting the ability of developers to freely conduct business directly with their users. “

You’ll notice the interesting segue. Apple did not do enough to stop or remove copycats. This hurt their business. But also Apple is a monopoly restricting developers from freely operating.

Unfortunately if you file a lawsuit against Apple you get extremely lucrative free media. They used the buzzwords in their media release.
To be fair if someone was copying code or the look of a popular app, Apple should stop it. But if Apple is to maintain the rules and apply equally, a copycat using new name, new code, new UI, it’s unlikely stoppable