Finally got my Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition!!


Sep 7, 2012
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I sold my "Series 0" original Apple Watch when I saw the announcement of the new watches at the September keynote event. I was gonna get the regular Series 2 at first, and then I briefly changed my mind and decided on a Series 1 because of it being $100 cheaper. I didn't really think anything of the Nike+ edition. Didn't like it at first because of the perforated band. But upon trying it on at my local Apple Store, I have to admit that the perforated band actually felt pretty good on my wrist. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. So for the same price as a regular Apple Watch series 2, I might as well have a couple of exclusive watch faces. The Nike+ model that I wanted had been sold out for a while, so yesterday, I randomly checked my Apple store online to see if they had any in, it said "pickup today", etc. And I immediately jumped on it!! So glad I didn't have to order it and wait the 2 to 3 weeks for shipping!! I love the black box that the watch came in!! And I got the color combination that I wanted, which was the black/cool gray with a space gray aluminum casing. The black/volt combination was nice, but I wanted something more neutral and muted as opposed to flashy (sorry, Volt color lovers), so that's why I chose the black/cool gray combo. And like I said, the perforated band felt really good on my wrist. And I think it's a crime that Apple doesn't sell the Nike+ perforated sport bands on their own, but I guess they'll eventually do it a few months down the road. (Unless there are those of you who want to do those third party offerings of the Nike+ band on Amazon...)


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Aug 21, 2015
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Good job on catching one in the wild! :)

Although I prefer the black/volt combo, the black/gray is also very sharp. I'll probably buy one when/if Apple offers it.

Mac Guy

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Dec 10, 2015
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And I think it's a crime that Apple doesn't sell the Nike+ perforated sport bands on their own

It's not a crime, it's good business. If Apple sold the Nike bands separately, they'd never sell another Nike Watch. Buy the bands, download the app, and as far as anybody is concerned you have a Nike Watch (depending on the case color). You won't have the Nike watch faces but that won't matter to a lot of people.

Like the Herm?s bands, Apple may sell the Nike bands eventually. But the Herm?s band have a much greater cachet then the Nike bands,