Finally got LockInfo 5 to show selected calendar on lockscreen


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Jul 1, 2009
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Not sure if others already figured this out, but it took me awhile fiddling around so thought I'd mention the setup to restore this feature from LI4. I really liked seeing my calendar on the lockscreen when I pushed the home button, just to check on upcoming appointments, etc then the phone turned off by itself. No muss, no fuss. The default settings I had and what come in LI5 are not intuitive about how to make this happen at all...

1. Launch LockInfo from Settings.
2. Tap Notifications and Widgets.
3. Select Calendar... Turn Notification Center to ON. I chose Show 10 items. Pick your alert style... I have it set to None because I use CalAlarm (which rocks because it has a customizable snooze feature) for my alerts. Turn ON View in Lock Screen (this was a key issue I missed initially). Pick the Calendars you want to view (I really like that LI5 still allows you to selectively view only certain calendars... the IntelliBorn support folks gave me some BS about the reason they can't make that happen in ISX is because of an Apple limitation which is clearly not the case).
4. MONEY STEP... back out to the LockInfo main screen and go under the Lock Screen heading, find "Show On Lock" and select Widget instead of Notifications (which is the default). If you have Notifications selected, you can still pull down the calendar from the lock screen to view it anytime, but it won't be visible by default when you push the home button to turn on the device. With "Widget" selected, you'll see any widgets (including Calendar, though I'm not sure which other items are "widgets" vs "notifications"... haven't fully grasped the difference in nomenclature he is using).
5. I had to respring to get the changes to take effect the first time, though subsequent changes seem to occur just after changing the settings.

One interesting oddity is that, although I can selectively see only calendars I have chosen, I will see events from other calendars if I have been invited to the event... EVEN IF I have not accepted the invitation (i.e.; my wife invited me to something through her calendar but I hadn't got around to accepting the event which even shows in the details that I was invited but haven't yet responded). This seems very peculiar to me... iCal even showed the event as pending an accept but not actually on my calendar. I emailed David about this issue assuming it's not as intended.

Anyway, hope that helps others. The likability of LI5 went up a few notches just getting that feature back. I agree with another poster from a different thread that it is growing on me over time. The ability to individually launch, delete and manage each notification quickly and easily is nice. Viewing individual sets of notifications (ie; phone, message, mail, etc) is also nice.

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