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Final Fantasy series for iOS


Mar 31, 2012
Final Fantasy has always had its rabid group of Japanese Roleplaying Game fans. With every game release, even one that is as minor as Lightning Returns, the third and final installment of FFXIII, Final Fantasy is sure to turn heads. With Final Fantasy XV, for next-gen consoles, it looks like the excitement of Final Fantasy will soon work itself into fever pitch once again.

SquareEnix knows that, and they are eager to capitalize on some of that building excitement, and they are certainly doing so with the re-releases of the past Final Fantasy games on iOS, all the way from number one to six in the series, and with those same re-releases, massively price discounted, on the Playstation Store, that is if you are a Playstation Plus member in Asia who has a Vita.

At about 10ish a pop, these games will delight many an iOS gamer and Playstation Vita player, and to me, brings in a great opportunity to get in on the Final Fantasy games you might have missed.


New member
Jan 14, 2011
A very nice heads up on this app and the developers. I am sure this will be very useful to the members who would consider this app before buying it. Thanks again.