Faulty battery on my new 3GS?


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Jun 29, 2009
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I got my new iPhone 3GS on Saturday and the battery life seems to be pretty bad. I've been using various smartphones over the last few years so I knew that since is 3G and has large screen that I'll have to charge it every day. I read that people get through the day when moderately using the handset without problems, however my experience is very different. I had to charge the handset first day 3 times, I thought since is new and I'm "playing" with it frequently that it's normal. The first night I unplugged the phone from the charger at about 11pm, went to sleep, woke up at 8am and the battery was completely depleted, it took about half an hour before the battery indicator appeared on screen. Went on to fully charge it and again after about seven hours the battery was flat (I barely touched the phone). So I decided to do following test: I have turned off the push option in emails, change fetch from 30min to manual, left it on 3G, fully charged the battery, unplugged from charger and every half an hour I checked the battery level, during the "test" I have not placed neither received a single call, sms or email. The only thing I did in regular intervals(30min) was unlocked screen, went to setting menu and took a note of the battery level, otherwise I haven't even touch the phone.
And result? Completly flat in 11hours!!!

What I would love to see, is the phone getting me through day(8am - 10pm) with following usage: 20 send and received emails, 20 sms, half an hour talk time on phone, an hour listening music and hour web browsing (mostly over wi-fi)
Is that possible or is it a wishful thinking??

How long does your iPhone last and with what usage?


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