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Fanboys for the Holidays!

Good OL MC

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Oct 9, 2012
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So the holiday season is here and we're about to hit the biggest one (in the States, that is). Family time, talk around the feast table, gifts...

...Comparison of gadgets.

It is no surprise to anyone on a MN site that consumer electronics are THE gift of the year. We have iPhones in an unheard of 8 different colors in one size vs Samsung phones from 4.0-6.3 inches of plastic, Xbox Ones dueling it out with PS4s, the Vienna Boys Choir backed LG G2, Nexus tablets vs Google Play Edition Tablets vs iPads, BB vs the world, and a new Android candy bar.


So, inevitably, at some point before or after mealtime someone is going to check their Twit-Sta-Vine-Book or open a present and someone else will tell them how their choice of gadget is inadequate for one reason or another. Sure, we'll try and be civil to the troll standing a few feet from us, but it will be hard. Really hard. Someone will throw out a copy and paste marketing message they heard from a YouTube video about how Apple hasn't innovated, how Samsung/Google-Android-Thing is ugly, or about how the PS4 won't survive because it doesn't have Xbox Live (oh, God...) and we'll want to explode just a bit.

Any strategies you care to suggest? Talking points could be a winner. Maybe avoiding the topic entirely by switching it to something more civil like...politics. Or religion. You know: the easy stuff.

My plan will be board games. Dirty board games preferably. That usually works.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Simply say this: Enjoy the freedom to like what you like, and I will do the same....:)


Sep 7, 2010
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The best strategy is to not give a sh*t. Forgive the brashness, but it's the truth...if you don't care that someone feels you made the wrong choice with something YOU wanted, it's better than debating it really.

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