Fake Code Signing not working Plz Help

Sohayb Dosky

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May 11, 2013
I am Using IOS 6.1 and I almost did everything to instal my app to my iphone but I am still getting "name.app"failed to instal ..
and by the way i did all those steps
Ok it's working now for me so here is a quick tutorial on the whole process:

1. Close xCode

2. Open Keychain Access

3. In the menu bar click on "Keychain Acces" then go to "Certificate Assistant" and click on "Create a Certificate..."

4. In the field "Name:" give your certificate a name, this can be anything, i just used my own name

5. For "Identity Type" choose (or leave it on) "Self Signed Root"

6. For "Certificate Type" choose "Code Signing"

7. Check "Let me override defaults"

8. Click Create

9. In the field "Serial Number:" type any number you want (for example "12345678")

10. Leave the Validity Period as it is except if you want your certificate to be valid for more than 1 year

11. Click Continue

12. If you want you can fill in your details here

13. Click Continue until it says "Your certificate has been successfully created." (if not try again)

14. Click Done and quit Keychain Access

15. Find xCode in your applications folder.

16. Richt click and then click show package contents.

17. Go to contents > developer > platforms > iphoneos.platform

18. Copy the file "Info.plist" to your desktop (drag while holding the option key will copy the file, make sure it doesn't make a shortcut)

19. Delete the file you just copied (not the one you placed on your desktop, delete the original file in the iphoneos.platform folder)

20. Open the file with Xcode

21. Under default properties change "XCiPhoneOSCodeSignContext" where it says "CODE_SIGN_CONTEXT_CLASS" to "XCCodeSignContext"

22. Do the same under overrideproperties

23. Save and close the file

24. Go back to contents > developer > platforms > iphoneos.platform

25. Paste the file from your desktop back in the folder (your computer might ask you to authenticate)

26. If xcode is open (because of editing the file) close it and then open it again

27. When xcode is open again open the project you want to fake code sign

28. On the left click on your project (the one with the blue icon that says 1 target, iOS sdk 6.1 or something like that under it, if it's not already selected)

29. on the right there is another blue icon with your application name "under project", click this one and then go to "build settings"

30. under "Code Signing" change all 5 values to the name of the certificate you made

31. build your project (command + B)

32. On the left in the group "Products" there is a file that is called *application name*.app drag this file to itunes

33. On your jailbroken iPhone add the source "http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/" to cydia

34. In cydia search for "AppSync for iOS 4.x-6.x" and install

35. Now you can sync your iphone with iTunes (make sure in itunes the application is selected to be installed) and the application will install on your iPhone.


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Jan 8, 2012
Assisting you is important to us and there are times when the members of this community who can best provide you with assistance to your particular issue or concern may not be available at the time of your post so please be patient while awaiting a reply. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the various sections of the iMore forum as well as the iMore Blog and check back periodically for a reply to your post. Thank you.


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Sep 13, 2012
Copy/pasting from the other thread AND bumping the other thread is a bit excessive don't you think?

It took me a few tries, but eventually I got the instructions to work months back. Everything is incredibly picky, just fyi.

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