Fading Fairytales RPG test crew

Sep 26, 2012
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We here at our Finland-based company, Dodreams, are looking for a group of testers to participate in testing our upcoming game ? Fading Fairytales. Fading Fairytales is a tactical RPG title that is designed to please those familiar with casual gaming as well as those yearning for a more in-depth experience.

To be qualified for our test group, all you have to have is an Apple iPod Touch or an iPhone. Also preferred is a taste for good games and adventure! What we want from you in return is feedback on your testing experience with our game in order for us to make Fading Fairytales into the best possible gaming experience! If you can match these requirements, you are very much welcome to be one of the first players of our game!


Fading Fairytales is a story-driven, cartoonish adventure with neat animation, advanced battle engine, high-quality music and entertaining sound effects. The players will have the chance to solve the mysteries of the fairytale world. Wasn?t Robin Hood supposed to only steal from the rich?! It?s your job to find out what?s going on!

In addition to getting to play our game for absolutely free, all testers will receive a free-of-charge access to all possible downloadable content. Also, you will have the special of honor of getting your name in our game?s credits. :)

Here is the invitation URL with which you can join our test group at TestFlight: http://tflig.ht/OODNlX

For additional information and updates, don?t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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