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Facebook Profiles in iOS Contacts


New member
Mar 24, 2012
So I recently noticed you can add a Facebook profile is to a contact in iOS 7 contacts. So being the overly organised person I am, I diligently obtained my friends Facebook ids from their urls and started entering them into the relevant iOS contacts.

However, having done this, I've noticed that clicking the profile link in iOS contacts, has different effects from person to person. Some people's profiles open in the Facebook app as you would probably hope they would but others open in safari on the mobile Facebook page. I'm really quite sure why this is.

Another glitch I experience is that although I have added the profile ID in one field, the Facebook app is importing another ID (usually the person's name) as another.

It's all getting a bit messy and I am wondering if anyone else has had these issues or can shed any light on the best way to organise contacts?