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Oct 14, 2012
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PhotoLikeIt is "the mobile app for Facebook photos". PhotoLikeIt ensures you never miss out on the latest and best photos posted by your friends on Facebook. The app automatically updates you on your friends? latest, most liked and commented photos for today, this week and this month.

iTunes Store (Free app): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photolikeit-discover-your/id547856381?mt=8&at=10l3Vy

Unlike other Facebook photo apps, which pulls photos only from timelines, PhotoLikeIt pulls from entire photo albums. A monumental computing task. I have attached screen shots for your ready reference.

Key Features:

- View Latest and Best Photos: Check out your friends? photos according to the most Likes and Comments. View new photos under the Latest tab.

- Compare Stats: Keep on an eye on your top 5 friends with the most Likes and Comments, and compare their numbers against your own stats under the Me tab.

- Receive Notifications: Receive automatic updates when your friends? post a new photo or when the most Liked and Commented stats have shifted.

- Browse Albums & Photos: Easily browse your friends? photo albums and photos within the PhotoLikeIt app.

- Like & Comment: Like and Comment on any photo in the PhotoLikeIt app and it will be automatically posted on Facebook as well.

I hope you enjoy PhotoLikeIt app.
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