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Facebook pays for study that says Apple's iOS 14 privacy changes are bad


Nov 15, 2013
Facebook has funded a study into Apple's new iOS 14 changes regarding user privacy and its new App Tracking Transparency feature. Unsurprisingly, the paper says that Apple's policies harm the entire ecosystem and are just bad for everyone generally.

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Jun 29, 2014
Really, I’m laughing loudly! I mean, seriously??

The more this kind of “news” and “researches” make this sort of “announcement “, the more I’m happy to be back to iPhone.

For me, that’s exactly the opposite. This new  policy gives me more freedom, in a simple way: now I have option if I want to have a smartphone without being tracked by all these crappy ads centered companies. Simple. What’s the problem in these guys understanding this simple logic? Really, it’s so simple!!

Don’t you care about your privacy? Ok, just opt in the tracking. Do you care? Opt out. Are you angry at  doing this? Just buy an Android, Samsung phones are pretty good options, actually. And done!

I really struggle to understand why the hell I must accept policies and practices I don’t want to, and without any option to opt out that.

Again and again, thanks to  for giving me a choice. For me it’s obvious  will earn a lot of money with this, if it won’t it wouldn’t create this option. But I don’t care about this, I care about my freedom and about having options. So, again, thanks . And, again, screw you FB, you have never saw me, and you will never do.