Facebook app Force closing when I click on messages?!?


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Aug 17, 2011
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So the facebook app on both my ipad mini and iphone 5 when I go and click on messages the app kicks me out back to the home screen. Anyone else having a similar issue? I've closed the app and rebooted the devices but it still happens.


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Jan 5, 2013
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I am having the same issue. See my post from yesterday:

I have a new iPhone 5, activated a week ago. Facebook app crashes after about 10 seconds every time it is opened using my account. I have uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count, I have rebooted the phone numerous times, and I have spent hours with Verizon and Apple techs, not to mention the techs where I purchased the phone. I have repeatedly reported the problem to Facebook, but, of course, have not heard from them. I have even returned the first phone and set up a new one. Facebook app still crashes. Last night the Verizon tech suggested I login on a different Facebook account. I did this using two different accounts and they both work perfectly. I reinstalled my account and it crashes. I mirrored the settings of the Facebook account that worked with my account and it still does not work. ANY suggestions as to what is causing this problem -- is it a setting in the Facebook account? should I hard reset my phone? should I deactivate and reactivate my Facebook account? Seeking help

The strange thing is that I can enter other accounts and they work fine. Please let me know if you find an answer to this problem. So far the only help I have gotten is that it is the app's fault. I just want it fixed!

Didi Lis

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Jan 10, 2013
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I am having this same problem. I don't know what to do. HELP???? I've deleted my facebook app and reinstalled and still nothing. I even changed my password. This is so stupid.....

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