Facebook adds optional ?Nearby Friends? capability to the iOS app


Mar 31, 2012
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(Note: I actually did this news story for self-practice this week, but figured it's never going to see publication for a number of reasons, but I guess I will just put it here for the masses in iMore to discuss, and I really thought this news story deserves mention just on the basis of it being focused on Facebook)

Although late to the game with location-based proximity services, Facebook aims to rectify that lateness with their recently added ?Nearby Friends? feature that notifies users when their friends are in the vicinity.

What?s worth noting is that it is optional, which means if you don?t see a need to broadcast yourself to your direct surroundings, you can choose to opt out, obviously a conscious decision to keep the public?s privacy concerns with Facebook somewhat lessened.

If you do opt in, you will be notified from time-to-time when friends are around, particularly useful on impromptu situations when quick coordination of meet-ups seem to make sense.

To make things even better (and less awkward socially), Facebook has reportedly added an extra feature to this, where you can select certain friends to receive these kinds of notifications.

Look out for it as Facebook aims to roll this feature to iOS and Android users over the coming weeks.

Source: Facebook Rolls Out Optional 'Nearby Friends' Feature for iOS App | Mac|Life

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