Extreme increase in Comcast/Xfinity data usage caused by iCloud photo syncing?


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Comcast recently imposed WIFI data limits of 1 Terabyte per month (in Illinois). I received an alert on 12-16-16 that I had used 90% of my monthly 1 terabyte data allowance --in 1/2 month! Shock! I looked at previous months and normal for me is 225gb per month. Nothing really changed in my WIFI usage except I have experienced a LOT of activity with photos on my iPhone 7+ - 12,000+ photos that I have on my old iPhone 6+ (that took 20gb of space) were taking up almost 100gb of space on my 128gb iPhone. Then I bought a new iPad Pro - and it also seems to be thrashing around with downloading and syncing photos from iCloud. iCloud seems to be resizing the photos on my phone and iPad constantly - I finally today disabled iCloud syncing of photos to/from the iPhone and iPad.

Anyone else seeing abnormally high WIFI useage from their devices?


Oct 2, 2013
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Hmm? I have Comcast Xfinity wifi. I don't sync photos to iCloud. But I do other things that use a lot of wifi data. We average about 25 gb or so per month. We're retired and use our devices non stop all day. I use several apps that most likely use a good bit of wifi data. Photo editing apps. I'm guessing it's several things, including the new iPad Pro as well as photo syncing. What else do you do? How many users are there? How much time using devices? Is your wifi locked? I haven't heard anyone else having this issue.


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Feb 24, 2018
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Yes I am experiencing this same problem. I also have turned off my ICloud syncing to see if this fixes the problem. I looked at my settings-network&Internet-datausage-Ethernet and it says that i have used 560GB in the last 30 Days.. i suggest not using the icloud on this sort of data plan.

Rob Phillips

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May 1, 2012
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I really don’t think photo syncing with iCloud is your problem here. You could sync photos nonstop for the entire month and only make a small dent in your usage.
My household has probably ten different devices syncing with iCloud on a regular basis. While we average around a terabyte of usage a month iCloud is only a small fraction of it.

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