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Exercise tracking in 1.0.1 has major problems


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Aug 6, 2009
Just finished playing volleyball for 58 minutes- jumping, moving, diving- heart rate always over 90 and usually 100-130. Got credit for a grand total of 8 minutes. Seriously Apple? This is the update you pushed to us yesterday?!

While we're at it I'd like to question the active/resting calories. I think we get way too much "resting calories". My basal metabolic rate (BMR) for someone my age/weight is 1560 according to all the medical tables yet Apple gives me 2149 each day. That is about 589 over. However the active calories are way under measured. Runs that I used to do with my Fitbit/Jawbone/Garmin or tracked by Endomondo shows that I am given about 800 per day less than what I should be. Therefore Apple is giving me about 211 under what I should on an average day for me.

Let's get calibrated Apple.