Exchanged phone due to air bubble in molding


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Mar 5, 2007
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I was looking at my phone and noticed a blemish in the phone housing near the headset jack area. It looks like either a small sliver of metal/debris or an air bubble got trapped in the housing material during the molding process.

Since I usually use the phone for 1 year then sell it to help offset the cost of a new phone, I felt compelled to get one that was blemish free.

I was able to swap it out for a new in box unit, so all is good as of now.

If you have any inkling of a thought of reselling your unit in the future, please fully examine your phone for blemishes. If you wait too long, you may not be able to get a new in box replacement.

BTW... When I did a backup prior to exchanging the phone, I backed up with the tethering network settings and not the factory settings. After I got the new phone, I restored using that backup. The tethering option was still in place but every time I plugged the phone in, iTunes showed me the "Let's get started" screen. After I click ok, it takes me to the phone summary page, bypassing the setup page. So, it's just an inconvenience but I thought it was odd. I'm pretty sure it is related to the new network profile because I used a backup file created prior to the hack and it didn't give me the problem. Good thing I do occasional backups of backups. Just a FYI.
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