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Oct 1, 2018
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I want to apologize for my last question.

I want everyone to know that if you have to donation to get the full version of Cydia it isn’t the official Cydia. Yesterday, I text Jay Freeman the developer of Cydia and he said those Cydia are a scam! Fortunately, I didn’t donate anything!

I’ve an iPhone SE iOS 12! I bought the iPhone SE for about $165.00 (recently) at MetroPCS. Yes, my very first iPhone ever!

I’m on disability and I cannot afford to pay an arm and a leg for an iPhone. I was so happy that MetroPCS marked the iPhone down to that low price.

I’m 46 and I was born in 1972. I live with my father.

So, I want to jailbreak my iPhone SE iOS 12 but people have said that there aren’t any jailbreaking methods available for iOS 12, right now. I read that Electra jailbreaking method will might achieve jailbreak of iOS 12. I’ve installed many versions of Electra (the no computer method) and with no luck with jailbreaking.

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