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Apr 28, 2015
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EstiBudget is a free app I have developed to know at any time your bank accounts month end balance.
The focus of the app is to show what your balance is EXPECTED to be at the end of this or future month.

It is available since October 2014.
It has now reached a certain maturity and the features are, in my own opinion, fulfilling almost everyone needs according to the great feedbacks and reviews it gets.

iTunes link:

User friendly tool with easy entries of your banking transactions (past or to come).
Easily create recurring transactions (salary, rents, insurances...) with various periods (days, weeks, months...). The amount can be adjusted at each occurrence.
Easily manage and control your usual expenses budgets (fuel, food, entertainment...).


EstiBudget aims to estimate your account month end balance and that's exactly what it does! Therefore, no need to enter details as the payment method, expense category, or any kind information that statistical tools usually ask for.
EstiBudget does not analyze your transactions to display fancy drawings, diagrams or superfluous statistics, as it would unnecessarily bring complexity to the app through more steps.

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You want to enter a transaction at any time on your iPhone, and be able to check your transactions on your iPad? Any change made on one device will automatically sync on all devices you use.


- Automatic currency
- Passcode lock
- Ability to manage multiple accounts
- Customizable month beginning day
- Recurring transactions with various periods (days, weeks, months...)
- Usual expenses budgets management
- Statement checking
- Sync on all your devices
- Transactions search tool
- Customizable views
- Works on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

Some App Store reviews

Excellent app ****
About time there is an app that just does what it says on the tin. No unnecessary time consuming add ons that are on other apps. I used to use msmoney until it stopped being supported a long time ago and this is the best money app I have found since.

No nonsense budgeting *****
This app is fantastic. Like it says in the description it doesn't waste time and power on features that you're never going to use, it just gives you the information you need when you need it. The interface is simple, logical and perfectly suited for the task at hand. The ability to see at a glance a month to month estimate of my future balance is very welcomed indeed, whether you want to see your balance grow or, like me, if you want to know how much longer you can pay rent! No doubt this app will save you many, many times that over the course of its use. I'm excited to see how this app grows in future versions, it's already earned a place on page one of my phone.

Finally! An app to deal with financial reality *****
Of all the hundreds of financial apps in the App Store (and I have tried more than a few!) this is the one I use. This app focuses on showing me which if my recording transactions have already left my bank and which are still to come later in the month. The focus of the app is to show what my balance is EXPECTED to be at the end of this or and future month and therefore what a really have left to spend. The app copes with the fact MY month begins when I get paid towards the end of the previous month and it makes it simple to deal with variations from one month to the next such as when utility bills vary by usage. The app constantly evolves in style and functionality but remains focused on the core benefit of predicting my short term financial future and keeping me in a healthy position. I love it I use it Thank you

Brilliant *****
Just lets me know what is still to come out my bank and what my balance will be at the end of the month Looks better with each update Simple to use

Thank you for trying and using EstiBudget!

iTunes link:
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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: EstiBudget - [Free] Budget app to estimate your month ends

Welcome to iMore, and we wish you the best of success with your app. Take care...:)


Apr 28, 2015
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Re: EstiBudget - [Free] Budget app to estimate your month ends


A new app update has been released!

Feel free to test and review !

Thanks for your support :yes:

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