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Mar 16, 2011
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PhotoBooth is an entertaining photography application which you can use to apply hundreds of special effects on your portrait photo and obtain crazy pictures. You can also add text effects and speech bubbles similar with the ones used in comic books; you can also tag your photos, add dates or memos or just add funny speech bubbles, transforming your photos in one of the funniest photo albums. All you have to do is load a photo from your phone?s library and play with the special effects. You can also easily send a visual message, impress your girlfriend/boyfriend with a loving visual message or wish everybody Happy Holidays with a custom made E-Card, just like the app?s description says.

Application features include the following:
- Christmas Effects
- Speech Bubbles
- Evil Elf Effects
- Animal Effects
- Funny Faces Effects
- Clown Effects
- Zombie Effects
- Pirate Effects
- Crazy Looks Effects
- Horror Effects
- Style Effects (Glasses, Sunglasses, Hats, etc.)
- Venetian Effects (Venetian Mask, Feather Masks, etc.)
- Violent Effects (Bruises, Scars, Cuts)
- Body Effects (Mustaches, Beards, Eyes Mouths, Tattoos and Piercings)
You can add and delete the layers very easily, resize the special effects to fit perfectly and rotate the effects to the right angle so that your photo will seem as real as possible. You can add as many effects as you want. When you?re done styling your photos you can just save the pictures into your phone and send them to all your friends and family using Facebook, Email or MMS. You can post the picture on your Facebook Wall with the integrated Facebook function. It will also automatically create your Facebook Photo Album for you with one click.
Xmas PhotoBooth combines the fun of adding special effects to your own photos with a friendly interface and it?s surely worth purchasing. As shown above, the PhotoBooth app has a high-quality feature-set as the first sign of the developers? commitment to their product. As crucial as the app?s features is also the interface - which is an easy-to-use one, unlike other similar apps using difficult or confusing interfaces. The controls for the PhotoBooth application are easy to understand and simple to use without requiring a lot of additional direction from the programmer. It really doesn?t matter how neat the idea behind the app is: if you struggle with the interface, you?re not going to use it. The graphics are the eye-candy for this mobile app and the visually appealing program increases its value as well as shows off the beautiful touchscreen of the iPhone.
All of the previously mentioned pieces are important and desirable in a quality app, but stability is the key to the whole operation. If the program continually locks up your iPhone or iPod touch causing it to freeze or restart, it?s certain to be discarded rapidly. The PhotoBooth app does not have this kind of problems, stability, therefore is not an issue.
The final element to consider in an app is program size. Since you can?t add additional memory to your iPhone, it?s important to manage the amount of memory an application requires. Again, PhotoBooth does not have issues regarding the size matter, its size being 14.4 MB.
In conclusion, this photography entertaining application is worth your time and money, and you should give it a try.


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Jul 6, 2009
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@Rada_AppCore : there are various photobooth app... photobooth crazy, Mobile photobooth and photobooth classic.. these features set for which one ? can you please note that and explain.. thank you

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