Emtrace Releases Moxier Wallet 1.51 for iPhones and iPod touches


Jul 16, 2010
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Refresh of Popular Smartphone Password Manager Includes New GUI, iOS 4 Integration, and In-App Browser

San Jose, California ? July 14th, 2010 ? Emtrace Technologies, Inc., a Smartphone solutions provider, today announced an iPhone? and iPod touch? software update to its popular Moxier Wallet password management tool. Released in July 2009, Moxier Wallet is a secure personal information vault for managing and storing important frequently used information such as financial data, prescription and health info, vehicle and product data, as well as website logins and passwords. Featuring easy-to-use software, customizable settings, powerful encryption technology, and automatic multi-platform synchronization capabilities (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPod touch); Moxier Wallet provides an intuitive solution to overcome consumers? ever-expanding personal data needs.

Current and new users alike will enjoy the added features for iPhones and iPod touches. Moxier Wallet 1.51 is now optimized for iOS 4―the latest iPhone software update―and supports multitasking, which allows users to quickly copy and paste information from Moxier Wallet to another open application. Consumers can also easily tap on a URL link within Moxier Wallet to launch an ?in-app? browser and access the web without shutting down Moxier Wallet. This feature improves the speed to which users can login to secure websites. Another added feature is the ability to automatically receive synchronized data when the application is launched, this ensures the accuracy of data across multiple devices.

Aside from offering increased usability and enhanced syncing capabilities, Moxier Wallet 1.51 delivers several new security features. Customers can now gently shake their iPhone or iPod touch and the app will instantly close, which rapidly locks unwanted viewers out. A password assistant provides users with quick, secure passwords. And consumers can opt to have clipboard data cleared upon exiting the app, which safely locks copied data within the application.

In addition to expanded security features, Moxier Wallet 1.51 offers users a new look and feel. A more prominently placed folder section has been provided to allow faster access to data including tagged data. Tags are a great way for users to quickly and easily categorize and retrieve information. A search bar at the top of every data page has been added to improve data retrieval. A duplicate option has also been created to effortlessly replicate similar records. And colorful section markers have been included to separate record lists more clearly.

?Moxier Wallet has been on the market for a year and this update shows that we are committed to improving it, making it more secure, and more user-friendly,? said Mr. Naekwon Jung, CEO of Emtrace Technologies. ?We encourage customers to try Moxier Wallet for free to see how easy and practical it is. After using Moxier Wallet for a few weeks, you?ll literally wonder how you got by without it.?

Moxier Wallet Key Features

? Simplified management of sensitive data such as credit card & bank account info, passwords, passport numbers, prescriptions, ATM PIN numbers, web logins, combinations, family information, product serial numbers, personal notes, and much more.
? Automatic synchronization of encrypted data to an online account, multiple Mac Computers, Windows PCs, and iPhones/iPod touches.
? Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for viewing, navigating, organizing, and entering new data.
? Advanced data protection including 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard technology (AES-256), data masking, online backup, local backup, and local client encryption.
? Secure multi-device, multi-platform (record-to-record) data synchronization via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for safe and reliable Internet-based data transfers.
? Customizable records, 20-character password generator, built-in templates, search options, record tagging, feature-rich icons, as well as self-destruct and system-lock features for added safety and convenience.

Moxier Wallet is a freemium software application for PCs, Macs, iPhones, and iPod touches. Consumers can download Moxier Wallet for free and use it for as long as they desire; however, to synchronize data between devices?such as to an online account or to one or more computers?a Premium Subscription is required. The Premium Subscription fee is a flat US$1.99 per month and there are no upgrade fees or individual client fees.

Additional product extensions of Moxier Wallet (iPad?, Android?, Blackberry?, and Windows? Mobile) will be available in the future. To learn more about Moxier Wallet, please visit moxier dot com.

Moxier Wallet for iPhones? and iPod Touches?

The iPhone and iPod touch version of Moxier Wallet is currently available as a freemium download on the iTunes? App Store.

Moxier Wallet for Mac? Computers & Windows? PCs

Moxier Wallet for Mac Computers and Moxier Wallet for Windows PCs are currently available as freemium downloads at moxier dot com.

Additional Moxier Products

Moxier Mail is the world?s first Exchange Active-Sync? push email client for Android Smartphones. Featuring Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Attachments, Folders, and Global Address List (GAL) Support; Moxier Mail is currently available at the Android Market.

Moxier World is a handy global weather application featuring five-day weather forecasts, current weather conditions, live webcams, a Wikipedia? link for detailed city information, and a virtually unlimited favorites? list supported by a huge city database. Moxier World is currently available at both the Android Market and the iTunes App Store.

About Emtrace

Emtrace has been developing robust software for leading technology companies since the year 2000. With offices in the U.S. and Korea, rich experience delivering Smartphone as well as mobile O.S. platform solutions (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm O.S., and Linux), and a suite of user-friendly Smartphone applications (Moxier Mail, Moxier Wallet and Moxier World)?Emtrace is well positioned to meet the software development needs of today?s technology-savvy organizations. For more information about Emtrace, please visit emtrace dot com.

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Moxier is a dedicated mobile applications division of Emtrace Technologies, Inc. Copyright ? 2010, all rights reserved. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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SOURCE: Emtrace Technologies, Inc.
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