emails and multiple smtp servers


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Mar 20, 2009
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hi guys,

new to iPhones and loving it.
I have set up my email accounts on my iphone.
I run a wireless system at work via Telstra Bigpond network (Aussie Telecom).
I can send and receive emails out from my desk.
I have the same set up at home and all works fine.
I have 2 (two) SMTP servers as I use OPTUS 3G as my carrier.
Bigpond is my primary SMTP setting and OPTUS is in the "other".
when I am on the road, I am connected to 3G and cannot send emails from my phone but I can receive.
iPhone tech support stated that I must turn off the SMTP setting that I am not using (Bigpond), it works, but I would have thought the iphone was smart enough to distinguish when one is live and the other is not.

have I done something wrong here?


Rene Ritchie

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Jan 12, 2007
SMTP can be a bag of hurt, especially when carriers/ISPs start playing games with access.

I've never had that problem, but my SMTPs (I have 4 set up) just authenticate based on user-name for each account, so I don't think I ever hit the carrier, specific SMTP even though it's in there...