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Email sticks in outbox on iPad Air 2, why is this happening?


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Email sticks in outbox on iPad Air 2

When I try to send email on my new iPad Air 2, it often goes to the outbox and stays there. If I tap the email in the outbox it pops up a new copy of the mail. If I click send it goes out and empties the outbox.

I have tried changing the outgoing server setup but no luck. In any event I copied the setup from my old ipad2.

Besides, my server setup must be correct or it wouldn't send from the outbox.

So what is causing emails to stop in the outbox?

Suggestions please.



Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Re: Email sticks in outbox on iPad Air 2

Go to Settings→ Mail, Contacts, Calendar→ Fetch New Data, and then make sure it is set to "Push" or enable the toggle next to "Push". After that, make sure the setting for the specific email account is set to "push". That should solve the problem.


New member
Oct 14, 2011
Re: Email sticks in outbox on iPad Air 2

Ah, I logged in so I can reply. Thanks, but I had already set the over-all setting to push. However, the only options I have for the individual pop accounts I use are fetch and manual. The app says that is only used if push doesn't work

In any event, still no success.

Any further ideas,

There are the same settings I have on my old iPad.