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Email Question


New member
Jan 29, 2011
I have an issue retrieving older emails..

I have a gmail account, there is a folder called all mail that has well .... all my mail, sent, deleted.

On my Mac I have access to emails I sent or received for the life of the account ( several years of emails ) all populated in the folder when I open it.

On my IP4 ver 4.3.5 I cannot access the same emails under the same all mail folder. I can only see a few weeks at best. I just found a setting in settings that gives you control of mail days to sync, I set it to 1 month seems that is as far back as the phone will access.

This Sucks,,,

AM I doing something wrong or is there a fix ??

I really need access to old emails, Blackberry was excellent for this but besides that they basically suck.

Does any one know if there will be any improvements to the mail app in IOS 5 ?

Any input would be great



New member
Feb 9, 2010
If you set it up as an Exchange account, you can search for all your mail, not just what's on the phone. (It doesn't keep everything on your iphone, because you would quickly use up too much space.) Alternatively, you can search via gmail in Safari.


New member
Sep 24, 2010
I have the same issues but massie is right about setting it up as an exchange account.

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Feb 23, 2009
You can also check your email settings. Under Mail, Contacts, Calendars scroll down and click on "Show". It goes up to 200 recent emails, then go back and open each folder. It's not as good as an exchange, but it will give you more emails to view. I didn't know you could use the Exchange for other types of email accounts other than an actual Exchange. I'm gonna try it.