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Sep 10, 2009
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Eliminate Pro App Review

Eliminate Pro is a free first person shooter, first announced at the ?iPhone OS 3.0 software sneak peak? keynote back in March this year. Stunningly the application is free even though it is developed by the premium developer ngmoco; who brought us Rolando and Topple, but after all this time is it worth the wait? Lets go through whats on the homescreen you have three main options on the home screen PLAY, GEAR UP and OPTIONS also there are a few other details.


Play is well just that you click this to play once clicked you be brought to a screen with a further three options world, friends and bots.

If you click world Eliminate will search for other online players that are about the same ranking/level as you, next it will either bring you to a match that has already started or put you in a new one.
Friends enables you to play online against fellow eliminate users on your friends list, you can add new friends through plus+ here or start a party and play right away. Here also you can send messages to online friends.
Bots is an offline practice mode against computers, you can choose which map you would like to play on then get going right away whether your online or not.

Gear up

The next option is gear up here you have yet again three options get energy, buy gear and inventory.

Get energy is the thing that will be most discussed about this application so lets go through that.

When you play you earn credits, when you kill someone they drop credits you pick them up, with which you can buy new guns, armor and more we will be learning about credits more soon. But to earn credits you need to have energy, when you play online if you have energy you earn credits if you don?t then your just playing for fun you don?t earn anything. You have an energy bar, you may notice it on the home screen, which charges itself up by a 3rd every 6 hours with that 3rd full bar you can play one game online where you can earn credits; then the bar will be empty again and you have to wait another 6 hours for it to recharge. Or alternatively you can pay money for power cells with which you can exchange for more energy. Sounds fair enough, the app is free they have to make money some way but here?s the catch. For $0.99 you get 20 power cells; to charge up your energy bar by a third it costs 4 power cells! Lets put that in perspective for $0.99 you get the equivalent of 5 online games in which you can earn credits or you can wait 30 hours in total and play the same amount of games earning credits. Neither sound very good deals. But it?s not all bad, when you create your account at the beginning they give you 30 free power cells and occasionally there offer special deals, like if you download a certain app you get 15 free power cells. It properly seems confusing but when you play the game you will understand quickly, for now all you need to no is it?s a bad deal.

The next options under the gear up section is buy gear. Here you can spend your credits that you earned in online games, lets briefly talk about credits.

Every time you kill someone they spawn 3 credit icons each one is actually worth 4 credits (I think, it might be 5 or 6 or even 3 I'm not sure) you can steal other peoples credits if you can get to them before they can collect them, they are not exclusive to you anyone can pick them up but it is most likely to be you as you will most properly be closest.

Anyway with these credits you can buy new things armors, weapons and items. Armors increase your speed, defense, jump, targeting, swim speed and and other things like that, armors are relatively cheap. Next you have weapons each weapon has it?s own advantage like accuracy, power or for one it?s core function is to grapple things these are also relatively cheap. Finally we have items here you have the ability to exchange your power cells, the ones you pay for, for credits to buy new items. You can also buy suits these suits do nothing they just look cool and are really expensive the most expensive one is equivalent to all the armors put together.

Next we have inventory here you can spend your hard earned credits on upgrading your armors and weapons and choose what you would like equipped. For instance I could upgrade the damage that my Plasma Cannon does, or the range of my Gravity Hook or even the increase the zoom on my Auto Rifle.


Next on the home screen we have options, when clicked on you will be directed to a menu slightly different to the others. Firstly there is a bar labeled ?look sensitivity?, the high this bar is the faster your character will spin around. Next is the option to ?tap center to zoom?, when enabled your gun will zoom into a scope mode if you click on the middle of the screen. ?Auto-fire? when enabled your character will automatically shoot when a foe is directly in your view. ?Flip controls? changes which control stick moves you and which one turns you around; enable it and you?ll see what i mean. ?Show direction pads? obviously when enabled it shows the virtual stick on the screen when disabled you will see nothing but the stick is still active. All these options are entirely up to you but I highly recommend having ?auto-fire? enabled it seriously improved my play.

Underneath those options we have several more; credits, intro, controls, awards and leaderboards. Credits brings up a portal to a website which has a very basic overviews of the game you can view the credits by scrolling to the bottom. Intro shows the introduction video shown at the begging of the game the video gets you familiar with the way Eliminate pro works. Next is controls this shows a basic video showing you the basic controls of Eliminate.

The next two options are different to the rest, they both bring up something called Plus+ from within the game. Eliminate Pro uses Plus+ to track leaderboards, awards, news and more you can also add friends and update your status. At the bottom in the middle is the friend icon, here you can add friends, chat with current ones, see your friends awards and leaderboards, see if your contacts have an account with plus pro/Eliminate and invite your contact to play Eliminate.


The Gameplay in Eliminate Pro is what makes it the best game on the iPhone, let alone the best First Person Shooter. Firstly the whole online experience works in a seamless manor, you seriously cannot tell the difference between offline practice mode and online I have yet to encounter single ?interrupted connection? or a glitch.

Ngmoco do not miss a thing with Eliminate, everything is covered; from the basics like power ups and graphical blood all the way to bullet wholes appearing in walls and the ability to taunt others. But the first thing you notice is how realistic the graphics are, okay were not talking call of duty here but for an iPhone it blows you away. Reminds me of Play Station 1 or maybe something a bit earlier that Halo.

Dotted around each map are several different power ups which last for a set amount of time, indicated by the bar at the bottom of the screen usually the better the power up the shorter you have it for.
Depending on what map you play on different power ups are available here are some of them; jet pack when you jump you fly around like you have a jet pack, health recharge increases gradually your health over about 15 seconds, invisibility cloak makes you invisible to the opponent but you can still see a transparent character, beserker shield is maybe the best power up but it lasts for a very short time whole ever you touch instantly dies, increased damage increases the amount of damage that your weapon delivers there are more I think but I can?t remember them off the top of my head.

Every time you kill a character it displays it on the screen and everyone else can see it like wise for other peoples kills, you can view who has the most kills and credits but not dies, this is something that needs to be added.


On a whole Eliminate Pro is my favorite iPhone game that?s saying a lot out of tens of thousands of games, but there is so much to improve on like showing death count, a killcam, ability to replay the level, more weapons only 5 WTF?, bigger maps, more game modes, 1 player story mode and thats just the Start. The main issue is the pricing no one is prepared to pay a dollar for 5 games where you can earn credits it is pointless. I would pay $30 for this with out even thinking about it if I could play unlimited games earning credits, this is an amazing game ruined by the pricing.

But putting all that behind us words can not explain how good the gameplay is since I downloaded this game I have not put it down since I downloaded it and I do not intend to. The game is free so get it now and have fun I am sure Ngmoco will fix the pricing issues in time.

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Aug 24, 2009
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this is a great game!! i got it about a week ago but i cant afford power cells because they cost too much...4 plays for $1.00 so i just play every 30hours :)


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Feb 27, 2009
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Good review. The only thing I would argue would be your preference for using auto-fire. When you get better at the game it is much better to have it turned off. This is especially true if you are using the rocket launcher. I would say auto fire is useful until about level 5. Once you are above that it is a significant advantage to shoot for yourself.

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