Editor's Desk: Let's talk iPhone 14, Apple Watch SE 2, and more


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Aug 27, 2021
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Where does Apple go with Watch “SE2”? For 120$ less than S7 you don’t get an Oxygen sensor and you get a smaller, a bit more “fragile”, lower resolution display as well as no fast charging. For an SE2 what does Apple upgrade? I doubt it’s a bigger screen or the oxygen sensor. These are differentiator features. So they’ll add fast charging, always on, crystal coating? That just doesn’t seem like enough of an upgrade. Imho it makes more sense to wait for the S8 that comes with added feature(s) then release an SE2 that has more upgrades but doesn’t encroach to closely the flagship model.
I say this as someone who upgraded from S6 to S7 and found it to be great, a big upgrade. The bigger brighter screen was a big difference for me and the fast charging significantly changed usage patterns.