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Jan 21, 2015
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Hi Friends,
Easy Resume builder can be downloaded from

Today I want to introduce you to an Application named Easy Resume Builder and reason behind this to help those who face difficulties while creating a resume because creating a Resume is not a cake it is headache and no one can know this better then me.I can not tell you how much time I spent on creating a good Resume and I do not want you to waste your valuable time too.The application was introduce to me by one of my friend and really it is an awesome application.It is very easy to use and specially developed and designed to create a professional CV.

Some of the features of the application are:

• Can make the multiple profiles or resume for test purpose.
• Perform data validation and checks so that the necessary information is added before generating the resume.
• The resume is generated in the PDF with paging.
• Able to share the resume through Email or print the resume in the PDF format.
• Support for the multiple languages (15 language support)
• Beautiful and user friendly interface
• Ability to insert the Cover letter and the objectives in the resume.
• Predefined objectives can be added in the resume or the objective can be written by the user.

It can be download from
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