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Apr 30, 2019
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I'm new here, and have a question, which I hope you can answer...

I have had an iCloud account for ages, as I have an ipad (air2) and iPhone (7). I pay £0.79 per month for 50Gb Storage.

Dropbox have recently stated that they are limiting users to 3 devices for their free service, and I have about 7 devices linked, and they are not offering a "small fee" for their paid for service, so I am looking for alternatives...

I tend to keep files in a central "cloud" and prefer to have local copies in a location on my PCs (as per dropbox, iCloud etc). The main file on the PC is updated, and updates the cloud, and if I log on to a different PC, the file is updated when I log in.

This works with Dropbox, but for some reason, in the iCloud, the main file keeps changing it's name by adding a number as a suffix.

I created a Excel file to test in the cloud, and called it xyz(.xlsx) a copy was created in my users folder "xyz", and I created a shortcut on my desktop, pointing to the local copy.
Clicking on this opened the local file, and I made a change, saved it, and the local copy saved, and the cloud version had also been modified.
So Far so good.

However, a while later, I clicked the shortcut, to get the message that the file the shortcut pointed to was no longer there...!!!

I navigated to the local copy, to find it had now been called "xyz (1)" … I tried again with a fresh s/c (to xyz (1)) and that was OK, until I reopened it (yes xyz (2)).

The cloud web based browser has all the different versions saved (now up to "xyx (4)".:concern: All versions are also all visible on my apple devices too

Is there a way to avoid this, or do I need to look for an alternative method. (maybe a setting??) otherwise I'm going to end up with a very full cloud very quickly.

Hope someone can help.



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Apr 6, 2016
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Hi @Dave1510, and welcome to iMore.

I'm unsure of that as I haven't been on a Windows machine in years, but hopefully someone who has will be along and reply soon.