Download playlist and widget not working

LP Slade

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Sep 10, 2014
Apple Music is currently making me insane.

First, I have a smart playlist (essentially just the recently added playlist) and I’ve downloaded it to my phone, but it never shows as downloaded. Other playlists do … even ones that contain all the same songs. They’re not “smart” playlists, though. For a split second after selecting the playlist, the downloaded icon appears, but then quickly reverts to the icon to download the playlist. I press it and the “in progress circle” appears for a second or two and then it goes back to the downward arrow. I managed to capture both in the attached screen shots.

Second, my Apple Music widget was showing a playlist I hadn’t listened to for days so I deleted it and added it again. Now it’s showing a playlist I barely listened to earlier in the day (I listened to half of a song on it). I’ve been listening to the smart playlist referenced above all day long basically and the widget never shows that one. How can I get it to actually show what I’m actually listening to? (Note: it does correctly show the song I’m listening to when I’m listening to something … the problem is after I finish listening and have music off)