Downgrade from Sierra to El Capitan


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I read your article about downgrading from Sierra to El Capitan, which is what I need to do, because under Sierra one little piece of software which I need doesn't work anymore. (It's a plugin for music production) -
Of course I need to backup all the data, but I am having doubts if it will be possible to reinstall the data from my Time Capsule Backup, once the downgrade is completed - for when I upgraded to Sierra my Mac did not recognize my El Capitan Backup, and so I started with a new series of Backups on the Sierra Operating System. Which means: I don't have Backups that date from the "El Capitan" period.
Thanks a lot for your thoughts on this.


Feb 6, 2012
It may be possible to do a clean install of El Capitan and then install individual folders and files and applications from Time Machine. I've never attempted this between operating systems. But I do know that rather than doing a full restore you can restore individual items from your Time Machine backup.