Double Mind for iPhone - A new twist to a classic logic puzzle


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Aug 20, 2010
Double Mind is a new concept of color code-breaking, which expands the classic Mastermind game to the second dimension.

Double Mind includes three different games:

Classic: given a number of tentatives ? depending on the difficulty level you chose, you place colored balls on an empty grid. At each tentative, the computer answers by counting the right and wrong positions of the colors, for each row and column of the grid. Your goal is to guess the solution according to this feedback.

Swap: similar to Classic, but you start with all the right colors randomly shuffled in your grid. You play in turns against the computer by swapping colors on the grid, and the computer will do the same with its grid. The first one who guesses wins.

Shift: introduces a Rubik-cube style of play. The solution is shown, and your goal is to shift the colors by rows and columns in your grid in order to match it. You play against the computer at the same time, and the first one who matches the colors wins.

Check out the video here

Please visit Maiko Games website for more info.
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